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Minimum Stake - 72 Hours Address to Receive Bandwidth


Alt-E is Dedicating to building investment resources on the Tron Blockchain


Below are answers and videos to common questions. If you have any further questions, check out our Telegram and Discord links at the bottom of the site.

Video Guides to Setup Crypto.com App, Wallet and purchase NFTs.

Crypto.com App     |   Crypto.com Wallet     |   Purchase NFT  
Using MetaMask on Cronos mainnet Beta

Video Guide for Staking CRO. Staking function for TRX HERE

Staking CRO     |   Help get us bonded and rewards will follow.
CRO Functions for staking coming soon.

You can rest assured with your stake in Alt-E

Primary - CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, Mem: 64GB, Disk: 1TB SSD, OS: Ubuntu 20.04, Region: SoVA, Net: 1Gbps
Standby - AWS EC2: c5.4xlarge Disk: 1TB gp3, OS: Ubuntu 20.04, Region: us-east-1, Net: 10Gbps
Testnet - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 R5 3600, Mem: 32GB, Disk: 1TB SSD, OS: Ubuntu 20.04, Region: SoVA, Net: 1Gbps
Development - Bob's laptop and a Commodore 64

Furthermore, our experienced Engineers use NewRelic to monitor systems and maintain maximum uptime.

Videos Coming Soon!

Videos Coming Soon!

Alt-E's commitment to enviromentally conscious cryptocurrency solutions

Alt-E will only provide Services for Proof of Stake
Crypto.com’s Climate Commitment